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king of tonga visit bhutan"Dear Tshering, I am so glad you are taking care of the arrangement for the second time our second trip to Bhutan. I have recommenmded Bhutan to all my friends and this trip is only one of many I hope to make in the future. Last time I bough some Bhutanese textiles and gave away as gifts. The Tongan women loved them. Yours ever, Hrh" HRH Crown Prince Tupouto'a, Kingdom of Tonga



Dear Tshering, I know this will make you smile. It's the 12 minute DVD of the series that Ted did for TV news in Northeastern Ohio. It was most unusual opportunity and I'd say Ted used it to its fullest. Because we were away from home in Dec-Jan for 6 weeks, his fans were demanding to know where Ted was. So the TV station asked him to clue them in. The series was a big hit with nearly 1,000,000 viewing audiences. So now you're famous n Ohio! Love Judy



My wife Jody and I still recall with great fondness our vacation to Bhutan. First of all, your agency and Mrs. Tshering in particular couldn't have done more to accommodate us for our tour of your beautiful county. The people we encountered along the way were uniformly warm and kind and our tour guides couldn't have been more helpful. My best memory of Bhutan? If I had to restrict it to one word it would be innocence. For example, my wife and I were taken to the top of a mountain overlooking your capital city/town. It had snowed the night before and as we arrived at the scenic look out we encountered maybe a dozen or two children and adults. They were throwing snow balls, teasing one another and having a great time. I thought it was strange to encounter such good natured people, in the Himalayas no less, delighting themselves with snow. And their light energy brightened our own experience. Also, the innocence of the children of Bhutan was a sight to behold. Wherever we went I would establish eye contact with a little one and as I would say hello or goodbye to them, they would quickly repeat back to me, hello or goodbye. Their smiles, their friendliness and their totally uninhibited manner just stole our hearts. The government of Bhutan has much to be thankful for. The beauty of the land and of the people, coupled with the ease of travel throughout your diverse country has left my wife and I both wanting to come back for more. Surely you know your country has something both unique and precious in this world of 150 plus nations. Others describe it by saying Bhutan's gross national product is happiness. I would add to this description one additional thought. Your country's peaceful loving nature, framed by the beauty of your people and scenery make Bhutan perhaps the most tranquil land on earth. Sincerely, Ted Henry USA Ted Henry, Channel 5 News, Ohio



"It was the most refreshing and adventerous trek that I did. The snow man trek will be the trek of my life time." Cristel, Australia



“ Bhutan is much too wonderful a country and Tshering with all your care and everything else it's been an absolute pleasure.” Paul J. Desmerais, Power Corporation of Canada, Canada








"Memory of the TRIP... The Bhutanese are the most welcoming and enchanting people. Their peaceful, tranquil, and beautiful country was appreciated by all the travelers that were introduced to the country by Tshering. Her knowledge and hospitality was enjoyed by all." Frances Hill, USA



"I enjoy very much my trip in Bhutan. It is lot more than a trek, it's a spiritual experience , a peaceful time. People are as beautiful as the mountains. I learned many things without words and my step drove me inside myself." Bernard Voyer, CANADA

About the Author: Bernard Voyer has experienced the most hostile places on Earth. For over 30 years now, he has been roaming the world in search of new challenges, giving him a privileged understanding of the beauty and fragility of our globe. He has many feats to his credit: the North Pole, the South Pole, Mount Everest, and his World Tour via the highest summit of each continent. He is a renowned and much-appreciated speaker, who has inspired and motivated over 175,000 people. Bernard Voyer is one of the very rare explorers of modern times.



Dear Tshering, We have fantastic memories of our trip to Bhutan. Beginning with the incredible Thimpu Tschechu, every day was unforgettable. Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and most friendly countries we have ever visited. But even more importantly, the culture of Bhutan is unique and is alive. It was a great privilege for us to experience personal contact with the people and with the spiritual values of Bhutan. Nowdays, when we periodically look at our photos and talk to each other about the trip, we are touched again and again by the beauty and depth of the Bhutanese culture. We congratulate the people of Bhutan for the great progress they are making, and for the important transformation that is to happen soon. We also sincerely hope that your culture will continue to remain as alive and vibrant as we have experienced it. May progress and preservation of all that is valuable continue to go hand in hand. With our best wishes to everyone at Bhutan Lhayul Tours, and to all the wonderful people of Bhutan. Andrew and Bertha Dienes, USA



“The trip was excellent and I appreciated all your efforts for the accommodations, Tashi and Pema. Tashi is a very good guide- I enjoyed his company and he was very easy to get along with- knowledgeable, very patient and I trusted him explicitly. I felt very safe and cared for with him. Pema is an excellent driver and also again, I felt very safe and cared for... The trek was also excellent- the cook and horse handler was excellent… I am getting ready to go back to California to start work. I am currently working on my website which I will include you so that you can have a look at the Bhutan Pictures. Tsering- once again, thank you and I enjoyed meeting and talking with you. Also, your generosity in extending your homes, your sister and her family touched me very deeply and is the most memorable of the trip.” Many of my friends have been asking about a web site for my photography which includes my trip to Bhutan in March 2006. Well, I have finally built it. Please go to or Carolyn Ma, USA



"Bhutan LhaYul Tours is the best for independent travel to Bhutan. They created a custom itinerary and took care of me better than the others could have. If you're a well-traveled person, and want to go to Bhutan, contact Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travels " Charles Veley



"My trip to Bhutan was fabulous. The physical aspects of the country cannot be described; it is so beautiful. Even more beautiful than the country are the people. Everyone we came in contact with was kind, friendly, and helpful. We paid an unexpected visit to a farm family, and they stopped everything to make tea and talk with us. Mrs. Tshering and our guides were outstanding. My only regret lies in the future; I fear that the outside world will eventually cause so much change that Bhutan will no longer be the Bhutan that I saw. I long to return." Sondra FoxFox, USA


"Bhutan is one of the last unspoiled country in the world." Bonalumi Paolo, CANADA



Bhutan is a small Himalayan Kingdom with a small population of somewhere in the region of a million people, and the country consists mainly of deep fertile valleys and high mountains. We organized our tour through Bhutan LhaYul Tours. The owner, Tshering, was very helpful and she set up a tour exactly how we wanted, rather than a straight package deal." Simon Holden. USA



When I decided to make a trip to Bhutan I had no idea which tour company to choose. I started looking on the internet for information and sent off various request to different companies. Tshering response at Lha Yul tour immediately stood out from the others as being so personable and so I started corresponding with her. Then when I told her I was from Hawai'i she said she had had some people visiting from my state before and put me in touch with one of them. Not that I needed any further confirmation I was making the right choice. Trough our correspondence Tshering was so kind and patient with all of my questions and truly wanted to find out more about my interests and make sure I would spend my time in Bhutan seeing and doing the things that would most make me happy. Finally I decided to just let her organize my trip as she wished and gave her an idea of what I was mostly looking for. Not until I was in Bhutan I realized how lucky I was to have chosen Lha Yul Tours. I never felt as a tourist visiting a new place but rather as a friend visiting old friends in a new setting. Beside my excellent guide Sonam, Tshering and her family were always there to join me on excursions, inviting me into their home for wonderful dinners and great conversations sharing their dreams and projects, and quickly we become friends, finding that we share so much of our world view. Although Bhutan is a gorgeous and magical place to visit (and I plan to return) the best part of my trip was making new friends and feeling so genuinely cared for and welcomed. I am so looking forward to go back and see more of Bhutan and to see my friends again and I know that no matter what my interests they will always provide the best and most knowledgeable people to guide me. From Tshering and her family to Karma the amazing cook who can create a culinary feast in the middle of nowhere (during our trek) every person connected with Lha Yul tour was happy, kind and genuinely caring. I shared many a good laugh with them all and felt truly and sincerely cared for. Thanks again to all of you for such a memorable experience and such good times. With aloha Virginia Carabelli



Travelogue on Bhutan by Hob Osterlund, Hawaii

"I have come to Bhutan with a group of seven adventurous friends to travel and trek the Druk Path and to experience the mysterious culture of this place. Drawn to the high mountain passes where prayer flags are planted in auspicious locations & where invocations are heard best by the gods and goddesses of the Himalayas, all of us have our own list of prayer requests for our challenged world, and are eager to set these prayers free. " … "It's easy to like the Bhutan-ese at once. For example, we are told by two Bhutan immigration officials that our group travel visa expired last week. As we explain our itinerary, one official smiles and shrugs, saying something we will hear many more times in Bhutan - 'What can you do?' He extends our legal time in Bhutan with a proper stamp and without a fee." "Gradually I notice another subtler, equally magnificent quality - the sweet, unassuming silence. No traffic on the ground or in the air, no leaf blowers, and blessed be, no car stereos. In fact, the Paro, Bhutan airport parking lot has exactly 12 cars. 'Listen to that', we whisper to each other. There is literally nothing to hear except the wind and the birds and our lowered voices. Considering myself an aficionado, often a hunter, of quiet, I am now officially in heaven." More on the Bhutan travel article written by Ms. Hob from Hawaii who visited Bhutan.