History about the Nalanda monastery in Punakha

In 1757 the 9th Je Khenpo Shakya Rinchen, considered to be a reincarnation of Rechungpa (one of the two extraordinary disciples of Milarepa in Kagye Buddhist lineage), founded the Nalanda Monastery in Punkaha. At the time when this monastery was built, the ancient Nalanda University in India was a very holy and sacred place. Bhutanese […]


A Daily Practice Plan – Sun Salutation & Breathing Practice

  First and foremost, you must enjoy your practice. Don’t let it become a chore or a bore. Remember, it is your practice and you should regard it as your own form of creative expression that you can look forward to, so don’t make it so challenging for yourself that you approach it with dread. […]


Karma – the universal principal of cause and effect

Karma is the universal principal of cause and effect, which governs all consciousness. All deeds, thoughts, vibrations of any sort, are ruled by a law that demands perfect rebound. The concept of karma lies at the very heart of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. The word comes from Sanskrit kri, meaning ‘to do’. Karma is not […]


Bhutan’s royal couple announce birth of baby prince

Bhutan’s royal couple on Saturday announced the birth of their first child, a baby prince, delighting the remote Himalayan kingdom where the monarchy is revered. The newest royal, the son of King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema, was safely delivered at Lingkana Palace in the Bhutanese capital Thimphu on February 5, the […]



Meditation is the most powerful mental and nerve tonic. Divine energy flows freely to the adept during meditation and exerts a benign influence on the mind, nerves, sense organs and body. Meditation opens the door to intuitive knowledge and realms of eternal bliss. The mind becomes calm and steady, you discover a greater sense of […]


Health and Diet

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC)   The yogic diet is a natural one. Anyone following the principals of yoga must, when choosing what to eat, take into consideration the ecological implication, conserving natural resources, as well as ethical and moral issues regarding […]


422 black-necked cranes arrive in Bhutan – December 9, 2015

Starting early November until yesterday, a total of 422 black-necked cranes (grus nigricollis) have arrived at their winter grounds in Bhutan. At 340, Phobjikha has recorded the highest number cranes, the black-necked crane visitor centre’s manager, Santa Lal Gajmer said. In Bumdeling, 60 cranes have arrived. “More cranes are expected because last year it kept […]


Big lessons on climate change from a small country

The mountain kingdom of Bhutan may not seem an obvious place to look for lessons on addressing climate change. But on a recent visit here I was impressed with how much this small country has achieved and also with its ambition. Bhutan has much to teach South Asia and the wider world. These lessons are […]


Bhutan – Flora & Fauna

Bhutan is one of the last remaining biodiversity hotspots in the world, forest cover has now increased to over 72% of the country, with 60% of the country under protection. The array of flora and fauna available in Bhutan is unparalleled due to conservation and its wide altitudinal and climatic range. Physically, the country can be […]

His Majesty The King’s address to the nation on November 11, 2015

Address: Today, we come together as a nation to celebrate a special day of national pride and jubilation– an occasion to reflect on our past achievements, take stock of our present responsibilities, and pledge our efforts in planning for our bright future. The tranquil peace, prosperity, and happiness that we enjoy in Bhutan is an […]