About Us

It is an honor and privilege to introduce our company Bhutan Lhayul Tours & Travels. We are an authorized tour operator in Bhutan, holding license no: 1007181 issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan. We are an active member of the Association of the Bhutanese Tour Operator (ABTO) and Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

Being passionate traveler ourselves, we share with our guests a passion for travel and adventure and take pleasure in rediscovering Bhutan with every individual visitor who embarks on a journey with us and familiarizing them to Bhutan’s charms. By playing the role of a host and guide, we combine our experience, extensive local knowledge and high standard service; we give our client an unforgettable experience and lasting memories.

In view of Bhutan Lhayul Tours & Travels operational framework and business corner, the triple bottom line framework of sustainable practices will be used as a guiding principle to achieve the benchmark of sustainable tourism/Eco Tourism through our operational carrier. Further, the company will maintain stringent adherence to the business ethics both in terms of operation and marketing both locally and internationally.

Outstanding Care

From the very moment, you set your foot into this enchanting kingdom until the date you go off with lasting memories and experience, we are there to help. By combining our extensive local knowledge, and high standards of service, we give our guests an unforgettable experience while they are here with us. Be confident of all the settings we have done for your trip from logistics, down to the smallest detail, all your Bhutan program have been checked and re-checked and confirmed. Our land specialist will be always ready to take care of your entire requirement and needs, kindly check their bio – you can discuss and ask any related question regarding your destination of choice and about your day to day program, equipment and other necessities. They are always there to serve you with their max skills and knowledge.

Dedicated Team

Bhutan Lhayul Tours & Travels team, work together in synchronization with the expectations of our company by maintaining principles such as absolute honesty, integrity, loyalty and ethics in business willingness to work beyond the call of duty relentlessly, striving for complete customer satisfaction. We take pride in stating that we provide the highest level of service allied to travel and tourism in Bhutan, and afford them to our customers by attending to their individual needs and requirements by extending a personal touch. We make sure that our beloved customers receive the best from our commitment, dedication, determination, discipline, attitude, loyalty and shouldering responsibility from the streamlined work and enthusiasm of all staff. After carefully planning and scheduling the necessary program for our value visitors, today over the years we are proud with our local expertise and leaders who have collectively made significant contribution to our ongoing development and their expertise and enthusiasm can lead all type of private trips for your groups, family, students, colleagues and business.

About the Partners

(1) Jurmay Chophel

Jurmay is the promoter and co-founder of Sherza Venture Private Limited based in Thimphu, which caters to various sectors of business starting from construction to raw material procuring, logistics and supplies. Currently he is heading as the CEO of the company.

With a bachelors degree in Commerce (B Com-H) in 2004 from Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Bhutan, he served in various organizations in private and in corporation before venturing into his own business world in 2013.

He started his career as a general cashier in UMA PARO (A COMO Hotels and Resorts, Singapore) in Bhutan and then as Income auditor in the same year. Later he worked in Dungsam cement corporation limited as project coordinator from 2006 t0 2012 and thereafter as Head, Marketing from 2012 to 2013.

(2) Tandin

Tandin is an experienced, motivated and enthusiastic tour and travel professional with a great sense of adventure and passion for local tourism and the environment.

He has been significantly contributing to the development of the company through pouring out his extensive knowledge, dedicated service with absolute honesty, loyalty and ethics. As a skilled and knowledgeable person, his desire to promote the rich culture and unique landscape of our country has always been exceptional.

He has always been committed to promoting responsible travel as a core principal of the business – for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and all other members of the public sphere.

(3) Jigme Tashi Tsering

Jigme has a Civil Engineering Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

He has worked in various capacity: as an engineer (with the Ministry of Education), Technical Auditor / Head (of Technical Auditing Division of the Royal Audit Authority), Deputy Environmental Officer (with the National Environment Commission) and Associate Director of the Department of Investments / Head of Business Development (of Druk Holding & Investments, the investment arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan).

While he still had a few years remaining in his contract at Druk Holding & Investments, he decided to follow his passion, which was to work in the tourism industry, where he enjoys meeting and making new friends and traveling.