We have travelled the lengths and breadths of the country to craft the most fulfilling Bhutan travel itineraries. Having been in business since 1999, we have the experienced and knowledge providing tour packages for diverse holiday moods and budgets. Bhutan has a lot to offer and will be happy to be part of your journey. 

Honeymoon Tours: Young couples looking for romantic locales and solitude to immortalize their most intimate moments find everything so appropriate in Bhutan. Sprawling valleys, snow-covered mountains and cool and cozy environment enhance their pleasure manifold.

Leisure and Sightseeing Bhutan Tour: Explore some of the world’s highest fortresses and Buddhist monasteries with captivating beauty with Bhutan Luxury Tour. Savor the feeling of stepping back into time as you come across the old world charm of various monuments and rustic countryside.

Trekking Tours: With some of the world’s toughest trekking trails to its credit, Bhutan is indeed an adventurer’s delight. A Bhutan luxury tour can take you through spectacular biodiversity, quaint hill villages and unending natural splendor. Cultural and Festival Bhutan Luxury Tours: Watch local people wearing ethnic clothes and jewelry and participating in traditional dances and rituals. Bhutan Luxury Tour offers the lifetime opportunities to witness the colorful culture encompassing grand

Bhutan Lhayul Tours & Travels

Our recommended programs

Bhutan Yoga Journey (7 days)
As more people search for a deeper meaning from their travel, Bhutan Lhayul Tours & Travels have created an incredible
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Discover Bhutan Tour (12 days)
Discover Bhutan Tour is a 12 day tour that takes you through the major cities of Thimphu, Paro & Punakha.
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Central Bhutan Tour (10 days)
The Central Bhutan Tour is a 10 day tour that takes you from the western city of Paro, through Thimphu,
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Druk Yul Tour (8 days)
Druk Yul Tour is a journey takes you to the capital city Thimphu, Paro, Punakha and the beautiful valley of
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Mystical Bhutan Tour (6 days)
The Mystical Bhutan 6 days tour includes the major tourist attraction in Bhutan like the valley of Paro, Thimphu, Punkah
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Dragon Kingdom Tour (5 days)
The Dragon Kingdom Tour offers a glimpse of the two major cities of Bhutan, Paro and Thimphu. With Paro being
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Things to do

prayer flags
Happiness is Wellness Here is how you find happiness in Wellness Rejuvenate with herbal and hot stone bath Heal your
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Happiness is Spirituality Here is how you find happiness in Spirituality. Spread merit by hoisting prayer flags Practice yoga amid
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What our clients have to say about us…

“ Bhutan is much too wonderful a country and Tshering with all your care and everything else it’s been an absolute pleasure.” Paul J. Desmerais, Power Corporation of Canada, Canada

what our clients have to say

“Bhutan LhaYul Tours is the best for independent travel to Bhutan. They created a custom itinerary and took care of me better than the others could have. If you’re a well-traveled person, and want to go to Bhutan, contact Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travels ” Charles Veley www.mosttraveledman.com

What our clients have to say

Dear Fellow Traveler,

We have have had the opportunity to travel since the 1960’s through out the world. Being interested in world history, we have been on all seven continents and always try to experience the local culture as well as get to know the people. We have experienced North America as well as Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Asia, the mid East, South America, Mexico, Antarctica and always try local customs. For example, we have camped in the Sahara, trekked to Mt. Everest, did a dig in Israel, climbed the pyramids, summited Kilimanjaro, hiked the Inca trail, camped with the Masai people, have seen the reindeer people in Mongolia, swam with the sharks in Bora Bora to name a few.

In all our travels, our favorite is Bhutan, for its natural beauty and wonderful people. Our experience with Bhutan Lhayul Tours and Travel was outstanding. Their attention to detail, and knowledge of how to enhance your travel experience is second to none! We highly recommend Jigme and his travel team professionals to give every traveler to Bhutan the gift of being their favored guest!
For the experience of a life time, you must see Bhutan.

Best regards, Nancy and Loren Wondrasch
Wabasha, Minnesota

What our clients have to say about us
Nancy and Loren Wondrasch