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Packaged food and frizzy drinks should be the exception rather than the norm

With packaged, processed, modified food readily available in beautiful packages, it has become the norm for people to eat such food and drinks. People often stock their food cupboards with packets of chips and biscuits, frizzy drinks and instant noodles.

It is a very delicious world we live in now, with varieties of food and drinks to tempt the palate, spoil the taste buds and leave us craving for more.

After many years of consuming these snacks and delights, I have observed that while it is tasty it does not fully satisfy my hunger or quench my thirst. On a hot day, rather than a coco cola or a sweetened packaged drink, it is a simple glass of water that makes me feel satisfied. And when I am hungry rather than a quick meal of burger and chips across a fast food counter, it is a simple meal of rice and a curry or fresh fruits that makes me feel satisfied.

While frizzy drinks and packaged food are okay once in a while, it should be an exception rather than the norm.

Being aware of what we eat and drink is a important step in taking control of our lives and dictating the terms of our health and happiness. And we need to then accordingly change our dietary habits to ensure well balanced diet and nutrition. It is certain that once this is done, there will be a change in our energy level and it will boost our health, mental frame as well as our spirits.

So do follow me on this blog as I explore a world of healthy living in my search for happiness through healthy eating and lifestyle.

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